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4 TV series and movies to watch this weekend

From demonic rock’n’rollers to animated museum robberies, here’s what you should be watching right now…

4 TV series and movies to watch this weekend
Kerrang! staff

You've seen the news, so we don't need to tell you what's been happening in the world this week like usual. But we are going to advise you to take a break from the endless cycle of rolling news and social media to put something more entertaining into your eyes, and this week we've got everything from bank-robbing cats to Scottish rock royalty. Get stuck in!

NetflixCat Burglar

For god’s sake, don’t kill the cat! A simple enough message to follow, but one that becomes increasingly more difficult as this interactive cartoon goes on. Following on from the choose-your-own-adventure story of Bandersnatch, Charlie Brooker is back to his gamification ways, only this time you won’t find yourself trapped in an endless loop and screaming at the television. In Cat Burglar, you must help Rowdy (a cat) rob an art gallery while evading security guard Peanut (a dog) by answering a series of trivia questions in a glorious mash-up of Tom & Jerry and The Chase. Get a question wrong and the cat will perish, get it right and on you go to feline heist infamy!

Available now on Netflix.

In cinemasStudio 666

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Dave Grohl became possessed and starting murdering his bandmates in increasingly over-the-top gory ways? Well, wonder no more as Foo Fighters’ bloodfest Studio 666 gives you exactly that, all with its tongue piercing through its cheek. It’s a rock’n’roll riot from beginning to end, echoing the recent Evil Dead remake but with more jokes about Pearl Jam and Coldplay. It’s also the first movie to bring Kerry King and Lionel Richie together, which isn’t something we expected to see, but don't mind it either.

Out now in cinemas.

Prime VideoBiffy Clyro: Cultural Sons Of Scotland

K! favourites Biffy Clyro just can’t stop working. Releasing their incredible A Celebration Of Endings album in 2020, they followed it with The Myth Of The Happily Ever After last year, and now they’ve got a full-length feature documentary about the creation of that record in lockdown. Following the band to their home in Ayrshire, it’s a warts-and-all film about the experience of recording back where it all began for one of Britain’s best bands, as they reckon with the despair of the pandemic and their glorious return to the stage. A perfect reminder of just how good Biffy are.

Available now on Prime Video.

NetflixVikings: Valhalla

Set 100 years after the original Vikings series, Netflix’s Valhalla offshoot sees even more bodies pile up as the age of the Norsemen gradually comes to a close – including the Battle Of Stamford Bridge, which marked the beginning of the end for the Scandinavian invaders. Over the course of the season, we follow infamous Vikings Leif Erikson, Harald Hardrada and King “I can control the tides” Canute fight for glory and survival on water and wolds. Expect blood, brutality and big, bushy beards.

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