Serj Tankian is “open” to more SOAD shows: “Just one-offs, or maybe a handful of one-offs”

Frontman Serj Tankian has admitted that he’s “not thrilled about doing long tours at all”, but he’s open to System Of A Down doing more “one-offs” in the future.

Serj Tankian is “open” to more SOAD shows: “Just one-offs, or maybe a handful of one-offs”
Emily Carter

It’s not a huge surprise given their limited live activity this year, but System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian has said he’s not so keen on the idea of doing “long tours” anymore.

In a chat with none other than Rainn Wilson (yes, really, Dwight Schrute from The Office!) to promote his new memoir and answer questions from fans, Serj reveals a bit about where his head is at with touring these days, explaining that for a while he had lost the feeling of “fun” that comes with performing.

But now, with Sick New World 2024 under their belts, and a special date with Deftones coming up, he seemingly likes the idea of doing “one-off” things with System.

“I love performing, but… I think when you do a long tour, it’s not just physically exhausting, but it’s artistically redundant after a while, repeating the same thing,” Serj tells Rainn (via Loudwire). “That’s why we’re really enjoying doing these one-offs, they’re special events, special occasions. We can’t do them everywhere, we can’t do them all the time. But performing becomes fun again, in a way, and I had kind of lost that.”

The singer adds that, “As far as touring somewhere in the near future, possibly, I would say. I mean, I’m open to looking at stuff, but not thrilled about doing long tours at all, anywhere. Just one-offs, or maybe a handful of one-offs with dates in between.”

Serj’s book Down With The System is out on hardback, audio and e-book via Headline Publishing Group on May 14.

Watch the interview below:

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