YUNGBLUD is releasing his own ‘interactive, illustrated’ book

YUNGBLUD will be sharing his brand-new book, You Need To Exist, in the summer… and he promises that it’s not one to just “sit quietly on your shelf”.

YUNGBLUD is releasing his own ‘interactive, illustrated’ book
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Fresh from unveiling his very own festival, YUNGBLUD has just announced details of a new booked entitled You Need To Exist.

Due out on August 15 via Penguin, the musician has been busy putting together yet another ambitious, creative endeavour for his fans – and, indeed, he describes You Need To Exist as a journal to inspire and help people out, as it is ‘interactive’ according to a press release.

“I have made it my mission to unite as many people as I possibly can,” YUNGBLUD explains. “I wanted to make something that would go beyond the traditional idea of a book and bring as many people together as possible. I want this book to help you figure out who you are, even if you might have a pretty good idea already. It will encourage you to confess what you love about yourself, destroy your deepest insecurities, and face your darkest fears.

“This isn’t a book to sit quietly on your shelf, You Need To Exist is made to be scribbled in, painted over, broken, buried, thrown around a room with its pages ripped out before you send it out to the world. I want this book to be a place you find comfort, hope and ideas that you can carry with you every day. A constant reminder and a challenge to create without judgement. I can’t wait to see what you make with it!”

The book – which was written and illustrated by YUNGBLUD – includes art, his own experiences, and even some previously-unreleased lyrics.

Check out the cover below:

You can also catch YUNGBLUD live at Rock For People in June – get your tickets here.

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