This Might Be The Worst Solo Ever Performed On Any Instrument

Listen to what's being heralded as "absolutely the worst any instrument."

This Might Be The Worst Solo Ever Performed On Any Instrument

A solo is a great place to show the world how lousy you are at playing your instrument. While a good solo can make you a rock god, a shitty one lets everyone know that you are a fat-fingered dullard who probably has trouble tying his shoes. Now, a tweet has gone viral featuring what is being heralded as the worst solo, by any instrument, ever.

The solo, tweeted by indie rock artist Gal Gracen and highlighted by Geekologie, is a saxophone solo by the Five Satins (best known for their track In The Still Of The Night) on their song The Jones Girl. As you'll hear, the solo starts off like any other doo-wop or swing sax solo...and then it never changes. Instead, it just kind of honks along, sounding like a drugged goose. There's even a pause at the end, as though the remaining band members looked at each other and mouthed, That's it? Are we waiting for something else?

Listen to the worst solo ever, on any instrument, below:

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While this solo is pretty awful, one could argue that Nick Jonas' guitar solo at the Country Music Awards back in 2016 beats it:


That said, people might be surprised by the solos which some artists are most proud of. This June, Metallica's Kirk Hammett revealed which solo from the band's career he considers his favorite -- and the answer wasn't necessarily obvious to everyone.

“I was thinking about the solo in The Unforgiven,” Kirk said. “I remember showing up to the studio that morning, thinking I was going to play all these certain licks and then [Black Album producer] Bob Rock’s going, ‘That’s fucking crap.’ Then it was one of the very first times when I said, ‘Just fucking hit the record button,’ and shit flowed out. I prefer to record my solos that way now because I like the spontaneity of it; that’s how that solo was pretty much created.”

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