Studio 666: Dave Grohl confirms fictional thrash metal band Dream Widow’s album release date

Brace yourselves: Studio 666 thrash band Dream Widow will be dropping their “never released self-titled album” later this week.

Studio 666: Dave Grohl confirms fictional thrash metal band Dream Widow’s album release date
Emily Carter

Following the release of single March Of The Insane in February, Dave Grohl has confirmed that Studio 666 fictional band Dream Widow will be releasing their full self-titled record digitally this Friday (March 25).

The mysterious thrashers made their "lost" debut in the same spooky mansion as the Foo Fighters did in the excellent recent horror-comedy Studio 666, though it never saw the light of day because… well… all sorts of grim shenanigans happened. But it's now got a proper release date, with a physical version coming in 2022, too.

Speaking to Variety about the record, Dave explained: “When we started writing the script, we had the idea of there being this epic metal opus that – once completed – would release the demon in the house. I said, ‘Oh, fuck, I’ve got a million riffs.’ So I recorded this 13- or 14-minute long instrumental just by myself that’s very metal, and it’s meant to be from the [fictional] band Dream Widow. Then, I furthered that idea by making a whole record by Dream Widow that would be their lost album that they recorded before they were murdered.”

In a recent interview with Kerrang!, the frontman dove into his love of all things thrash by detailing: “I discovered underground thrash the same time I discovered punk rock music, so 1982/83. I fell in love with both genres because of the energy of the music, the intensity of the music. When I was a teenager I was really into Venom, Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, Mercyful Fate and all of those bands from that era. I’ve always loved that type of music. Even a newer thrash band like Power Trip, I love those bands. But I’ve never been in a thrash metal band, I’ve always played in hardcore bands, punk rock bands or rock’n’roll bands. Years ago, in 2000, I made a record called Probot where I had all of these legendary vocalists sing over instrumentals I recorded, and I ticked off all of my favourites – Max from Sepultura, Lemmy, Cronos from Venom, Eric from Trouble, Kurt from DRI, King Diamond, Tom G Warrior

“My love of that type of music is pretty well-documented but I don’t practice it with Foo Fighters, so it was my idea to make this Dream Widow record and, of course, because it’s a horror film I wanted to scratch that thrash metal itch. But you’ll hear it, so I don’t want to give [too much] away.”

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