Scene Queen calls out “predatory behaviour” on new single: “I wrote it to be controversial”

Watch the video for Scene Queen’s brave new single 18+, which truly doesn’t hold back in calling out the “entire epidemic within the scene”.

Scene Queen calls out “predatory behaviour” on new single: “I wrote it to be controversial”
Emily Carter

Scene Queen is back with a typically bold new single and video, 18+.

Calling out the music industry at large, the song hears the artist – as ever – simply not holding back. “I wrote 18+ to be controversial and I hope that’s what I’ve achieved,” she explains. “When I wrote the song I made it my mission to make something that sounds like an intense personal call out but also broad enough that it covers an entire epidemic within the scene. Having people arguing over which band I might be upset with, arguing over security measures taken place in the scene, or even arguing whether the lyrics are good or just borderline unsettling is the exact point of the song: to get people talking about what we’ve refused to talk about in the scene the last 10 years.”

Detailing her own personal experience, Scene Queen continues: “When I left the scene around 2015, because it no longer felt like a safe space for women, I swore that if I ever came back I would make it my mission to set fires until it was safe. I alluded to this heavily on Bimbocore Vol. 2 with my song The Rapture (But It’s Pink) featuring MOTHICA, but 18+ is me finally making the first step into that.

“Predatory behaviour is something that has been happening in the scene for years and still happens now. If I waited for the perfect time and the easiest way to start the conversation, I would never get the chance.”

Watch the video for 18+ below:

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