The Kerrang! Chart

The Kerrang! Chart: The best new music this week

The ultimate new music countdown – every Friday!

The Kerrang! Chart: The best new music this week
Kerrang! staff
Brock Fetch

Every Friday, you get bombarded with new music. To make it easier to get on board with the most killer stuff, we've digested it all, and curated the ultimate weekly chart.

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New highlights

Knocked Loose – Blinding Faith

Settle down, Knocked Loose. Actually, don't; whatever mood you're in here, keep it up. This first cut from the Kentucky krunchers' forthcoming You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To album is all sorts of heavy, bursting with aggro and with a mosh call to lift the dead from the ground and get busy. And you thought they were intense before…

twenty one pilots – Overcompensate

twenty one pilots don't like to say anything ’til they've got something to say, do they? So it went for Overcompensate: they were quiet for ages, then suddenly re-emerged like Godzilla bursting into the room and making the internet go bonkers for this new banger.

Bob Vylan – Makes Me Violent

Not a particularly violent track – indeed, relatively breezy by Bob Vylan's usual energetic standards – but its tales of saluting wealth and vacuousness while others go without will make you clench your fists anyway. New album drops Humble As The Sun drops on April 5. Take this as a bet it's going to rule.

The Kerrang! Chart

1. Knocked Loose – Blinding Faith
2. twenty one pilots – Overcompensate
3. Bob Vylan – Makes Me Violent
4. CLT DRP – Until You Showed Me
5. Ho99o9 – A Machine Of
6. Kid Kapichi feat. Suggs – Zombie Nation
7. phem feat. Waterparks – cheerleader
8. KID BRUNSWICK – Collide
9. LostAlone – All At Once
10. Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties – Alone At St. Luke's
11. Ankor – Venom
12. Blanket – Nuclear Boy Scout
13. Set It Off – Fake Ass Friends
14. Hunter Oliveri – Stranger
15. Fangclub – Attention
16. Lake Malice – Eternal December
17. One Step Closer – Leap Years
18. Noah And The Loners – You Make Me (Fall Apart)
20. Thornhill – Obsession

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