RedHook and Yours Truly team up for new single Imposter

Watch the video for RedHook’s new single Imposter, featuring Yours Truly’s Mikaila Delgado.

RedHook and Yours Truly team up for new single Imposter
Emily Carter

RedHook have released a new single featuring fellow Aussie scene favourites Yours Truly.

The two bands join forces for Imposter, which is taken from RedHook’s upcoming debut album Postcard From A Living Hell (due out on April 21).

Says Emmy Mack of the song: “There’s no head-fuck quite like discovering that the person you love most, and who you think you know better than anyone else, has been lying to you and manipulating you the entire time. At first, it feels like death, you grieve for the person you loved as if they’ve died, and yet somehow they still exist. It’s almost as if some kind of evil, alien life force has taken up residence inside their body and is walking around wearing their skin. Eventually, it causes you to question your own sanity; you question whether that person who meant so much to you ever really existed at all.”

Watch the video for Imposter below:

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