Listen to Jenna McDougall’s new Hevenshe single Trying Not To Feel

Hevenshe is back with a new banger and it’s all about seeking out a crowd and finding your community…

Listen to Jenna McDougall’s new Hevenshe single Trying Not To Feel
Zoya Raza-Sheikh

Aussie singer-songwriter Jenna McDougall is a comeback artist if there ever was one. Returning back to the spotlight, the Tonight Alive vocalist is making her own moves.

Now, in her latest track, Trying Not To Feel, Hevenshe is embracing her new audience.

Speaking on the release, Jenna explains how the song emerged: “While I was workshopping the song I’d occasionally hear a one person applause from over the fence, which would make me scurry out of sight laughing, as I was often taking advantage of the sun, ‘nude in the garden’ to quote the second verse.”

Stepping out under the umbrella of her own project, Jenna is embracing her past but is also keen to work on her new stuff. “Tonight Alive is a shared dream, but Hevenshe is solely mine. I’m fortunate enough to say my dreams have come true, but it only makes me want to keep dreaming,” she says.

Speaking to Kerrang! the artist shared the significance of launching her own musical project: "I always wanted something that was my own. It's really a beautiful thing to have shared experiences, shared projects and aspirations and things, but I felt that need to prove to myself that I can create, express and make decisions solely from my instinct.”

Check out Hevenshe’s official music video for Trying Not To Feel below:

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