Hevenshe releases new single These Days

Watch the new visualiser for Hevenshe’s latest track These Days, inspired by a feeling of “impermanence on everything around me”.

Hevenshe releases new single These Days
Luke Morton

Hevenshe (aka Jenna McDougall) has released her third solo single in the form of These Days.

Following on from No One Will Ever Love You and Trying Not To Feel, the Aussie singer-songwriter says her latest offering is inspired by nostalgia and a sense of deja vu.

Tonight Alive is a shared dream, but Hevenshe is solely mine," she explains. "I’m fortunate enough to say my dreams have come true, but it only makes me want to keep dreaming.

“Another chapter of my life had served its purpose and was coming to an end... “It was shining the light of impermanence on everything around me. This song is about glimpsing the sacred when you realise something is temporary.”

Check it out below.

Speaking to Kerrang! earlier this year, Jenna says she plans to do Hevenshe "non-stop" and plans to release music every month. As yet, there are no live plans, but she did also reveal that "I want to be back in the UK and I want to be touring as soon as possible. I'm excited and I think Hevenshe is going to keep me very busy!"

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more music and gigs.

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