Jamie Campbell Bower unveils sinister, Western-esque single I Am

A far cry from the rowdy punk of his previous band COUNTERFEIT., Jamie Campbell Bower has shared excellent new solo single I Am.

Jamie Campbell Bower unveils sinister, Western-esque single I Am
Emily Carter

It’s here! After announcing it on a recent episode of Jimmy Fallon, Jamie Campbell Bower has just unveiled his latest solo single, I Am.

And it’s hugely different from the work he did in his previous punk band COUNTERFEIT., taking on a brilliantly sinister Western vibe to perfectly match his dark vocals and lyrics: ‘I’m an angel I’m the devil and I’m coming inside.’

Speaking to Vulture, Jamie shares of what he’s working on musically at the moment, following of course the massive success of Stranger Things 4.

“I have two different things going on right now – both in the world of Dante’s Inferno and Purgatorio,” he shares. “One of them is in this more country world, because I can be instinctual and create an immediate sonic vibration. I’ve always written country and western music. For me, it offers the opportunity to be very instinctual. With this song, the guitar was the first thing that I came up with. The vocal was all done in one take, and the video was shot a week after. I came up with the track, sent it to my team, and I was like, ‘I love this. Can we get a video together?’ We managed to find this incredible director, we pulled a video together, and now we’re releasing it. That’s what this style of music is really offering me – instant creative process.

“The other side is not necessarily going to be an album that would be toured; it’s more of an experience. I’m working on those two things in conjunction, but they’re both discussing the same themes.”

Watch the video for I Am below:

Speaking to Kerrang! about his next musical chapter, Jamie revealed last month: “For me, this is a new chapter of my artistic exploration. Being sort of on my own now has allowed me to go and be more free in the creative process. I can now kind of go, ‘Well, we can do whatever we want,’ and then we’ll just make that work in a live setting. It's taking all the things that I loved in COUNTERFEIT. – a lot of the rock elements – and blending it with things that perhaps weren’t suitable for COUNTERFEIT. But mainly this is an opportunity for me to kind of just be more expressive.”

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