“I’m honestly really terrified”: These Gen Z listeners aren’t sure about Slipknot

A new video of Gen Z music fans reacting to Slipknot’s biggest singles will make you laugh… even if none of them are becoming Maggots anytime soon.

“I’m honestly really terrified”: These Gen Z listeners aren’t sure about Slipknot
Emily Carter

Slipknot are one of the biggest and best bands in our world, but depending on how young you were when you first heard them, chances are it might have taken you a second to warm up to their masks and music. That’s certainly the case here with these five Gen Z listeners, who have been played some of the Iowa metal titans’ biggest singles for the first time ever for a new React video.

Listeners Anthony, Jayka, Lucas, Janelle and Jaxon are given a musical tour through Slipknot’s history, from Wait And Bleed through to Left Behind, Before I Forget, Duality, Psychosocial, The Devil In I, Unsainted and to the present day with The Dying Song. Being Gen Z and therefore aged 25 and under, some of them don’t seem instantly familiar with the ’Knot (“Am I supposed to be recognising who this is?!”) but they nevertheless seem somewhat intrigued by what the band are all about.

Ultimately, though, intrigue is all it really is, with their various aversions to screaming, head-banging and those “freaky” masks being quite a big barrier between actually enjoying Slipknot. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of brilliant one-liners from the listeners (one compares Unsainted to Fall Out Boy?!) and they all really, really seem to like Craig Jones, aka “spike boy”. So that’s nice.

Check it out below:

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