Behind The Scenes With Mikey Way’s Electric Century

On the set of this week’s cover shoot!

Behind The Scenes With Mikey Way’s Electric Century

The time has finally come: this week Mikey Way is releasing his project Electric Century’s debut album, For The Night To Control, exclusively with the issue of Kerrang! out on March 9.

Speaking as to why he chose Kerrang! to do this, Mikey says: “We’re old friends. We have a really good rapport, I respect the magazine a great deal. You guys were one of the few magazines that we let into the bubble of my previous band. We were a little less guarded around you guys. And Kerrang!’s always done me solid. We have such an amazing relationship. When times were great, you had my back, and when times weren’t so great, you had my back. That’s really telling of a group of people – if they’re with you when times are tough.

Please note: For The Night To Control is only available with physical issues of Kerrang!

Don’t live in the UK? Don’t worry. You can buy your copy over at

You can read the interview exclusively in the new issue on sale March 9…

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