WILLOW smashes it (literally) with heavy SNL performance

WILLOW celebrated the release of her new album <COPINGMECHANISM> with performances of curious/furious and a gloriously heavy ur a stranger on Saturday Night Live.

WILLOW smashes it (literally) with heavy SNL performance
Emily Carter

Following the release of her new, 4/5-rated album <COPINGMECHANISM>, WILLOW hit Saturday Night Live for an epic performance.

The musician and her band tore through curious/furious and ur a stranger from that record, complete with an incredible roar and a smashed guitar right at the end of the latter.

In fact, her impeccable vocals were a topic we discussed in our Kerrang! Cover Story a couple of weeks back, with the singer proudly revealing how hard she’d been working on them.

“People will ask me, ‘Do you think you could have made this album a year ago or two years ago?’” WILLOW said. “And I couldn’t. My voice definitely couldn’t have done those things. I’ve been training really hard – even before I started recording this album. I was training with my vocal coach really intensely, just trying to get to that next level of what I know I’m capable of doing. And now I’ve had those hours on the treadmill and those long days of singing these songs over and over again, I just feel really confident. My voice can do different things now.”

Watch ur a stranger on SNL below:

And curious/furious:

<COPINGMECHANISM> is out now via Roc Nation / Polydor

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