Watch This Guitarist's Beethoven/System Of A Down Mash-Up Slay America's Got Talent

Polish guitarist Marcin Patrzalek blows away AGT's judges with an insane guitar medley.

Watch This Guitarist's Beethoven/System Of A Down Mash-Up Slay America's Got Talent

Every so often, one of the big music contest shows like American Idle or America's Got Talent produces an act that is truly incredible. Sure, most of the time it's a parade of bad pop vocal covers, but occasionally a performer reminds the public that hard work and raw talent are the real bread and butter of the entertainment industry (or at the very least, that a mask and a red duster can make Katy Perry worry she's going to get murdered). Case in point, America's Got Talent recently featured a guitarist whose mash-up of Beethoven and System Of A Down showed everyone what talent actually looks like.

As you'll see in the video below, Marcin Patrzalek is a sweet-faced kid from Poland who's obsessed with playing music, and who has longer nails than most women on your block. But when Marcin begins playing his guitar, he immediately sheds his cute veneer and becomes an awesome rhythm machine. In the footage below, he goes from playing Beethoven's infamous Fifth Symphony to SOAD's Toxicity in a flurry of slaps and steely chugs that make viewers wonder where one song ends and the other begins.

Watch Marcin wow the AGT audience below:

Damn, man, that kid's got some chops.

Of course, Marcin has some stiff competition when it comes to kicking ass on America's Got Talent the hardest. Last year, a little-known rock'n'roll band named KISS played the show and bathed the stage in pyro, lights, and facepaint (we have a feeling they'll go far). And then, there's Mrs. Smith, the prim crossdressing guitar-shredding socialite who looks like your well-off aunt and sounds like Yngwie Malmsteen. That said, Marcin certainly did a bang-up job, and one assumes this won't be the last America sees of him.

Meanwhile, if Marcin ever wants to jam with System Of A Down, the band has already played Toxicity live in 2019, so he should keep his eyes out in case Serj and Daron ever want to play a quick acoustic set.

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