This Quarantined Italian Guitarist Playing Slayer On His Balcony Is The Video We Need Right Now

Italian guitarist Enrico Monti reminds us that metal is bigger than any quarantine.

This Quarantined Italian Guitarist Playing Slayer On His Balcony Is The Video We Need Right Now

Though it can be hard to believe with the slowly-growing epidemic of COVID-19 and the deluge of news from the media, metal is bigger than any virus. The music we love is what will keep us alive during this unexpected new situation, and we should use this moment of isolation to focus on those things that keep us alive. One Italian guitarist sought to illustrate this by taking to his balcony during quarantine and giving the world the gift of music – specifically in the form of Slayer's Raining Blood.

Enrico Monti, guitarist for Italian death metallers Skulld, went out on his balcony with his guitar and blasted an instrumental cover of Slayer's classic metal anthem Raining Blood to the countryside. His small audience – a single elderly woman who didn't seem to fully understand what was going on – wasn't terribly vocal, but one assumes they were in awe of the sheer power of Slayer.

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During this trying time – especially for metalheads in Italy and other countries where the coronavirus is proving especially devastating – Enrico's performance is a reminder that even during these crazy days, music will keep us going.

Watch Enrico blast the hills of Italy with killer riffs below:

Right on, Enrico.

Obviously, COVID-19 has become a global pandemic, with pretty much every tour and festival for this year being postponed if not canceled outright. However, this change in the cultural climate is also inspiring bands to try new things, with several artists livestreaming big shows that were canceled in the wake of the pandemic.

Everyone at Kerrang! sends their heart out to those affected by the coronavirus right now. We hope that fans of all music out there are safe and careful during this difficult period.

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