The 12 Best Music Videos Of 2018

A visual buffet serving up hot slices of Muse, Bring The Horizon, Slipknot and more…

The 12 Best Music Videos Of 2018

Over the years, music videos have spawned some of the most famous images associated with the world of rock music, and in terms of memorable moments, this year’s vids haven’t failed to deliver. From the worlds of pop-punk, black-metal and everything in-between, below are the 12 finest music videos of 2018.

Get set for sci-fi epics, plenty of gore and a certain alt.rock icon dressed as a bunny rabbit…

Architects – Hereafter

The heartbreaking backdrop to Architects' latest effort Holy Hell is a story of love and loss, and that the Brighton metallers have even managed to carry on, let alone produce a stunning album in the wake of losing their brother, is a sheer triumph. Hereafter demonstrates all the pain that went in to making their most recent music, but as Architects stare death right in the face, they emerge victorious. Hard-hitting, emotive and beautifully shot, this is arguably 2018's most moving video.

Bring Me The Horizon – MANTRA

A visual spectacular that demonstrates the parallels Oli Sykes detects between cults and personal relationships, MANTRA announced Bring Me The Horizon’s return in compelling fashion. Musically a nod to both the Sheffield quintet’s past and the sound of upcoming album amo, MANTRA’s video is a cinematic marvel inspired by the documentary Wild Wild Country, with Oli taking on the role of a cult leader whose life begins to spiral out of control.

Fall Out Boy – Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)

Patrick Stump’s signature fedora and Pete Wenz’s 'bass sword' are just some of the items up for sale in the spoof infomercial video for Wilson (Expensive Mistakes). Dancing Llamas, fidget spinners and edible trash complete the offerings from Chicago’s finest, making for a video which proves that growing older doesn’t necessarily mean growing up. This one also features Fall Out Boy’s version of Wilson the volleyball, made famous by the Tom Hanks blockbuster Castaway.

FEVER 333 – Made An America

Watching this video, it’s no surprise that Bring Me The Horizon elected to take FEVER 333 out with them on a world tour. Steeped in imagination but with a pertinent political message at its core, Made An America shows Jason Aalon Butler at the top of his game. The band release their album STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS next month, and it can't come soon enough, quite frankly.

Ghost – Rats

Ghost’s rodent-infested dystopia isn’t for the faint of heart. Despite the chaos that surrounds him, Cardinal Copia still manages to bust-out some eye-catching dance moves in this one. It’s almost like a ecumenical tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Good Charlotte – Prayers

A far cry from the angst-laden pop-punk of Anthem and Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous, the video for Prayers finds Good Charlotte charting the struggle facing a generation of immigrant families in the USA, who constantly live under the fear of deportation by I.C.E. (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Featuring a real-life friend of the band, Prayers’ video is a powerful call for compassion in the wake of the Trump administration’s continued anti-immigration rhetoric.

Møl – Bruma

In Jord, Danish newcomers Møl released one of the most accessible blackgaze albums of the year. But as well as bringing the glacial riffs, the video for Bruma demonstrates how, visually, the five-piece are fucking brilliant, too. Hauntingly desolate yet utterly captivating, Bruma is video is a work of art.

Muse – Pressure

Playing out like a twisted episode of Doctor Who, Pressure once more invites us into the weird galaxy that is Matt Bellamy’s brain. The ultimate high school prom gone wrong, Pressure is essentially a sci-fi blockbuster condensed into five minutes. Bonus points to Matt for dressing like Back To The Future's time-hopping shredder Marty McFly and even more points for getting Brooklyn Nine-Nine hero Terry Crews to feature as a flustered chaperone.

Panic! At The Disco – Say Amen (Saturday Night)

Sort of like American Psycho with ninjas, Say Amen (Saturday Night) serves as a prequel to the videos for This Is Gospel and Emperor’s New Clothes. Brendon Urie does a good job of kicking arse for the most part, but things take a bad turn for the Panic! At The Disco leader when he’s whacked in the nuts and slammed over the head with a baseball bat by his partner. Best put some ice on that, mate.

Slipknot – All Out Life

It came out of absolutely nowhere, and All Out Life is a typically vicious dose of classic Slipknot venom. As prisoners are sprayed with gore and sheer mayhem ensues, this video serves as a reminder of just how disgustingly fun the band can be. And who directed this goretastic extravaganza? The masked genius that is Clown, of course.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)

Silvery Sometimes finds alt.rock legends The Smashing Pumpkins attempting to survive a night in a murderous haunted house. Paying tribute to the horror genre of filmmaking, it's a bloody good time watching Billy Corgan and his cohorts grapple with all this house has to offer. Better yet, we get to see Mr. Corgan sporting a rabbit onesie, which is something we've always wanted, right? Plus, there's a cameo appearance from Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, if anyone is interested.

twenty one pilots – Jumpsuit

A video which signposted the end of an era and welcomed fans to twenty one pilots' new album Trench, Jumpsuit sees Tyler Joseph running from a figure – speculated to be Blurryface – through the picturesque setting of the Thórsmörk mountain ridge in Iceland. Starting off with the burning car from the video for Heavydirtysoul, Jumpsuit shows Tyler’s supposed Trench character, Clancy, in what is seemingly a battle for his life. Baffling and beautiful in equal measure, this is a triumphant introduction to twenty one pliots’ brave new world.

Words: Jake Richardson

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