Producer Will Putney Reveals The Art Of Recording Vocals With Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon

Thy Art Is Murder record vocals in the first episode of our new studio series with extreme music producer Will Putney.

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Few producers have become as vital to metal and hardcore’s growth as Will Putney. While many fans recognize Will as the guitarist and songwriter behind deathcore boundary-smashers Fit For An Autopsy or hardcore supergroup END, the work he’s done at his own studio, Graphic Nature Audio, has allowed dozens of bands to find their perfect sound and record music that has put them on the sonic map. Will’s attention to detail and his organic understanding of how different artists perform and record has made him a noteworthy part of extreme music’s landscape and history.

That’s why Kerrang! has teamed up with Graphic Nature to create Will Putney’s Art of the Record, a video series in which Will gives us an exclusive look at his studio process with bands like Knocked Loose, Norma Jean, Stray From the Path, and more. In this new monthly series, you’ll get a sneak peek at some of the most anticipated releases in hardcore and heavy metal. Below, you can watch the first episode, in which Will records vocals for Thy Art Is Murder’s upcoming new album Human Target (due out July 26 on Nuclear Blast) with frontman CJ McMahon.

As you’ll see in the footage, it’s not just Will’s technical knowledge that brings an excellent performance out of CJ -- but his personal relationship with the vocalist. Having worked together in the past on several records, both producer and performer have a rapport that amplifies their individual talents.

“We always come back to Will because Will and the team here, they’re family to us,” explains CJ. “We came to them on our first record. We just kind of clicked.”

“The vocal recording process with CJ is: get him hot,” says Will, moments before we hear raw audio of CJ tracking vocals. “His voice is great right off the bat, and we just tear through it. It has this aggression to it that’s different to some of the other approaches to recording.”

We hope you enjoy this video, and keep your eyes peeled for our next episode! In the meantime, more information on Will and Graphic Nature Records can be found on their website.

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