Muse’s Matt Bellamy Is Teasing A New Lockdown Song

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy is teasing a new song, Tomorrow's World.

Muse’s Matt Bellamy Is Teasing A New Lockdown Song
Chris Casey

Matt Bellamy has posted a beautiful snippet of an upcoming song, Tomorrow's World.

The Muse frontman unveiled a short teaser on his Instagram, with a moving image of a person in a spacesuit backed by some gorgeous piano and string instrumentation. Matt hasn't clarified if it's a Muse song or solo material, simply writing, "New track I made during lockdown, out very soon."

Discussing his songwriting process with Kerrang! in 2018 – and how it's less autobiographical, and more narrative-based – Matt explained, “You know what? I don’t really know what my influences are in terms of lyrics and stuff. I’m more of a sort of music person; when I grew up I’d loved the music so much and I’d listen to the melody and things like that. What was being said in songs was something that never really sort of, I don’t want to say they didn’t matter too much, but it was never something that really drew me in until I probably came across someone like maybe Tom Waits and Rage Against The Machine as well. They’re the two sort of lyric writers that made be go, ‘You know what, actually what they’re singing about really makes a huge difference to the feeling of the song, what they’re actually saying.’

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“It’s hard for me to say, my lyrics are nothing like either of those. Whereas what I write myself, usually for me the music comes first. I just try and create a sort of a flow of words that somehow fits with the best melody for the tune or the best expressive feel for the vocal, plus I’m trying to link it to what the music itself is making me feel. So sometimes if I’m writing a tune like Take A Bow on the Black Holes album, that’s like a pretty weird sort of elaborate sort of sequence of kind of arpeggios and it’s very dramatic and classical sounding and very dark as well. That made me lean towards singing about like, you know, what it is to mistrust a political establishment and want to assassinate a president or something weird like that.”

When asked if the music helps inform his lyrics most of the time, Matt continued, “Sometimes the music itself will lead me in and draw out a kind of weird emotion from me that certainly doesn’t come out in your every day life. Some of it does end up being autobiographical, and I say the stuff ends up being more autobiographical is where the music itself isn’t really that kind of dark or weird-sounding on songs like maybe Starlight or Madness. On [Simulation Theory], like the song Something Human, songs where the melodic structure and the chords are relatively simple, it’s in those situations where I tend to actually go a bit more autobiographical with the lyric like singing about things like love or relationships and things like that.

“But I’d say Muse, we tend to do songs which have a much more darker musical tone and a much more unusual chordal structure and melody to most traditional pop music and I think that reason it drawls out of me a lyrical content, which is a bit different to what most people to sing about. I tend to go down the route of paranoia anxiety or the impending doom of technology and anxiety about the future of the world and so on. I think some of that stuff actually comes from the fact that that’s what the music itself makes me feel when I’m listening to it.”

Check out Matt's teaser for Tomorrow's World below:

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