Loathe, Venom Prison and more for Save The Black Heart vinyl set

As The Black Heart's crowdfunder enters its final week, a new vinyl set featuring some brilliant bands has been unveiled.

Loathe, Venom Prison and more for Save The Black Heart vinyl set
Emily Carter
Paul Harries

The Rock Fix have announced the release of a new vinyl set featuring Loathe, Venom Prison and more, with a portion of proceeds going towards the fundraiser to save Camden's awesome Black Heart.

As The Black Heart's crowdfunder enters its final week, The Rock Fix are helping to keep things moving towards the target goal of £150,000 with a set of three x 7" vinyl. The release includes Loathe's New Faces In The Dark, Our Hollow, Our Home's Speak Of Sorrow, Immerse's Red Shade, Venom Prison's Officer Down (cover), Bad Touch's Come A Little Closer and Take The Backseat, Casey's Suffer.

"The Black Heart was one of the first to open its doors to Loathe during our infancy and grant us with the opportunity to present our show to music lovers from down south," say the Liverpool metallers. "For that the venue holds a very dear place in our hearts.

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"Venues much like The Black Heart are essential to the well being and progression of, not just live music but music as a whole – with each grassroots venue serving as somewhat of a booster or platform to present fresh, new art. Please help to not let these amazing places that house amazing memories and opportunities for thousands of music lovers out there go to waste."

"The Black Heart has served as stomping ground for many artists in this culture and is a crucial spot in our network of venues," add Venom Prison. "We played our first sold-out headline show here on our first headline tour. Thousands upon thousands of musicians have cut their teeth in those four walls over the years and to lose it would be a crime – other young bands need to experience this in future and there’s no way we can let this pass us by.

"Please support this worthwhile cause and grab yourselves a hot vinyl while you’re at it."

You can grab this vinyl set now for a pay-what-you-want price with a minimum cost of £19.99. At least £5 from every sale will be donated to the venue (which you can also contribute to directly here).

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