Listen to Ozzy guest on Billy Morrison’s new single, Crack Cocaine

The Billy Idol guitarist’s new album also features Corey Taylor, Al Jourgensen and Steve Vai among others…

Listen to Ozzy guest on Billy Morrison’s new single, Crack Cocaine
Nick Ruskell

Billy Morrison has released the second single from his forthcoming solo album, The Morrison Project, featuring a guest turn on vocals from Ozzy Osbourne. The track, Crack Cocaine, also sees the Double-O appearing in the accompanying video.

The Morrison Project, due on April 19, is the third solo album from the Billy Idol guitarist, and also features contributions from Corey Taylor, Ministry legend Al Jourgensen, guitar whiz Steve Vai, John 5 and Steve Stevens among others.

On how the track came about, Ozzy explains, "I was in the same room as Billy and Steve. The lyrics just came out of the blue. It was written in about 20 minutes."

"The music was a direct result of sitting in a room with Steve, both with de-tuned guitars, and writing what we felt was an ultimate Ozzy riff," says Billy. "From there we brought Ozzy over and 90 per cent of the lyrics came from him. Ozzy suddenly stood up and sang 'Like Crack Cocaine!' We looked at each other and knew we had the title!

"The song is 100 per cent about how certain relationships can feel like an addiction," he continues. "Its nothing whatsoever to do with the drug! Its a comparison - its exactly like a drug addiction."

"Billy and I discussed what an Ozzy fan would really love to hear, adds Steve Stevens. "We zeroed in on the '90s-era Ozzy – the truly heavy stuff. Obviously, as a guitarist, to contribute to an Ozzy song is like a kid in a candy store. He's played with such an amazing array of guitarists that I tried my best to honour that tradition."

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