Kerrang! Tour 2016 – Day Three – Birmingham

The best show of the tour so far? Quite possibly…

Kerrang! Tour 2016 – Day Three – Birmingham

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Kerrang! Tour 2016 – Day Three – Birmingham

The talk on everyone’s lips when we arrive at the venue today is curry – but it’s straight down to the business of soundcheck before anyone can sample some of Birmingham’s most famous cuisine. Damn.

After a smooth pre-show preparation with the guys all watching each other’s soundchecks, ROAM head over to catering (butternut squash risotto and bangers and mash on offer today, mmmm) to find half of Sum 41. The bands bond over UK sports (the verdict on cricket is a mixed one) and Warped Tour. Lovely stuff.

Before long doors are open and Biters are doing another stellar job at warming up the crowd – they really are total pros. Birmingham, you’re cold, but not for long.

ROAM avoid any technical difficulties and play their best set of the Kerrang! Tour 2016 yet. Seriously, just listen. So. Good.

What’s that? Oh, it’s Frank Carter, who one-ups himself tonight (as only he can), finding himself climbing up the crowd and onto the balcony, before taking things back down into the crowd for Beautiful Death.

After that, The Rattlesnakes head off early for a well-earned rest… Oh, nope, they shoot across town to watch Slipknot. Of course.

Once again it’s Sum 41 time, with the headliners treating fans tonight to a Raining Blood snippet (they sure do love their metal) and a cover of We Will Rock You by Queen, before ending things on an explosive Fat Lip. Phwoar. The best show of the tour so far? Quite possibly.

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