Hardcore Supergroup END Announce New Album, Release Bludgeoning First Single

The latest from END, featuring members of Counterparts and Fit For An Autopsy, will put hair on your guts.

Hardcore Supergroup END Announce New Album, Release Bludgeoning First Single

Hardcore supergroup END are definitely living up to their pedigree. The band were guaranteed attention due to the fact that their line-up features members of some of hardcore and death metal's finest acts, including Counterparts frontman Brendan Murphy and Fit For An Autopsy guitarist and songwriter Will Putney. But the band have refused to simply rest on their laurels, instead writing some of the most compelling and eye socket-smashing music in recent memory. Now, END have announced a new album and released the first single from it, and both are utterly terrifying.

END's new album is titled Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face, and features the kind of cover art that would rob you of sleep as a child:


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Meanwhile, the first single Pariah is a terrifying blast of raw sonic ugliness which doesn't skimp on the death metal influences. Pendulous and obliterating, the track feels urgent in its rancor, like a toxic gush of all the pent-up anxiety and frustration that's been squeezed to the surface of most people's everyday lives in the Year of the Virus.

Listen to Pariah below and daydream about a world on fire:

END's Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face comes out June 5 on Closed Casket Activities, and is available for pre-order.

When we caught up with END before their Kerrang!-sponsored showcase as St. Vitus Bar in 2018, Putney explained to us how the project's songs came to be, and how he considers it unique from his work with Fit For An Autopsy.

“I was writing songs [for Fit For An Autopsy], and in my head [I knew] it was another band,” Will told Kerrang!. “It isn’t supposed to be Fit’s direction. When you like a lot of things, sometimes it’s cool to throw it all in a song, but sometimes it’s not because it confuses things. I caught myself doing that a few times and I realized if I wanted to get it out of my system I should just start another band.”

"Brendan’s one of my favorite lyricists,” added Will. “He’s the guy I can count on to come through. We’ve done four albums together at this point for various things and he is always easy to work with. I knew I wouldn’t have to jump in and write stuff because he would bring good content to the table.”

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