Album review: END – The Sin Of Human Frailty

U.S. extreme supergroup END blend metal and noise on second full-length and punch holes in your head…

Album review: END – The Sin Of Human Frailty
Dan Slessor

Featuring uber-producer and Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Will Putney, END plough a different furrow than might be anticipated from the six-stringer. While there are definite deathcore influences, grindcore, electronics and glorious noise are swirled into the mix to make something winningly painful.

Kicking off with the 90 seconds of nastiness that is A Predator Yourself they really hit their stride with Gaping Wounds Of Earth, which is all jagged corners and unconstrained bile, almost falling over itself as the band throw everything in their arsenal at you. They do not really hold back at any point across the brisk 32 minutes of music unleashed here, with highlights coming in the form of the rampant Worthless Is The Lamb and epic closer Leper, which has a variety of textures to it.

The band also bring a host of impressive guest vocalists to the party. Pig Destroyer’s J.R Hayes and Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker both show up to scream themselves stupid alongside frontman Brendan Murphy, but bringing a different flavour is Heriot’s Debbie Gough. Featured on Thaw, the track rides on the back of rippling, somewhat abrasive electronics, having a contorted industrial feel, and she counterpoints Brendan’s roaring with a haunting croon, bringing some actual melody to the mayhem. Briefly.

Those who crave heavy music that embraces and channels sonic anarchy will find plenty to love on this record, and will want to make repeated visits, for once it gets under your skin it uncomfortably stays there.

Verdict: 4/5

For fans of: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Trap Them, Nails

The Sin Of Human Frailty is released on October 27 via Closed Casket Activities

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