Between You & Me’s track-by-track guide to new EP SH!T YEAH

Ahead of its release on Friday, Between You & Me take us inside the tracks – and various moods – on their new EP SH!T YEAH.

Between You & Me’s track-by-track guide to new EP SH!T YEAH
Max Palasic

This time last year, Aussie pop-punks Between You & Me promised an exciting “next chapter” of their band following two breakout records. And very soon you’ll be able to hear the fruits of this work via six-track EP SH!T YEAH, which is released on Friday. You’ve likely already checked out singles like Nevermind and In The Middle, but here the band take us inside every single song – and mood – on the whole EP…

1Kill My Vibe feat. Knuckle Puck

“Kill My Vibe is the opening track of the EP and is the most pop-punk track on the release. A pop-punk diss track, if you will. The song encapsulates the final stages of a break-up when your love for someone turns to hatred. The realisation that things aren’t going to work out and the bitterness you feel towards the person for wasting a large part of your life. Kill My Vibe is the only track with a feature on it – our good friend in Joe Taylor from Knuckle Puck. He really takes the song to another level.”

Mood: Resentment

2In The Middle

“This is likely going to be the biggest track from the EP, with its pop sensibility and catchy chorus. The song is also a break-up song, but written from a mutual perspective that your relationship is over. The strong joy and excitement you once brought to each other’s lives had been replaced with fighting, bitterness and a complete breakdown in communication. The song encapsulates the slow breakdown of a relationship and the acceptance in moving on. It was written whilst we were in the studio and took the longest to finish the recording process.”

Mood: Solace


“The first single from the EP, Nevermind earmarked a new era for BYAM as we embarked on a journey as an independent band. The song was recorded as a standalone single as we worked out what the next release would entail. Sonically, the track embodies early-’00s pop-punk, with lyrics themed around California, sunny beaches and the party culture. Written at a time where I was excessively drinking alcohol to cope with living a life on the road as a touring musician, the song is a party anthem.”

Mood: Party

4Early Morning

“Early Morning is a signature BYAM rock track with big chords and a catchy chorus. The song is written about a promiscuous encounter with someone that leaves you yearning for more. This song is another ‘no rules’ tracks for BYAM, with a huge guitar solo.”

Mood: Sexy


“A song idea that we’ve had for a long time, YEAH! was the second single that we released. It is stylistically a very different track for BYAM, and did not make sense on previous releases. Given that we decided to remove all barriers with this EP, we recorded the summer jam and released it as a single. Throughout the recording of this EP, we challenged our songwriting fundamentals. None more so than the one word chorus of YEAH!. Given that the song was written during the Australian summer, this track feels like a tune you would blast on a long summer drive, with the windows down.”

Mood: Beach

6Virus / Sad Songs

“The final track on the EP is a slower, modern rock song. It again pushes the genre boundaries for BYAM. Whilst we were recording the EP, Sad Songs was an obvious left-field track, but we thought it could become a great song. It’s written about that self-loathing feeling immediately after a break-up where it feels like your world is caving in – aptly named Sad Songs. The song closes with a melodramatic ending which bookmarks the conclusion of the EP, ending on a somber note. The EP takes the listener on a journey of highs and lows, but ultimately ending with an empty feeling. Oftentimes, a journey experienced by many musicians.”

Mood: Apathetic

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