Apparently Green Day Make Extra Money When September Ends Every Year

'Summer has come and passed…'

Apparently Green Day Make Extra Money When September Ends Every Year

According to Rolling Stone, Green Day make a bunch of extra money around the September and October months, due to – you guessed it – the band's American Idiot hit, Wake Me Up When September Ends.

While the beginning of October also brings with it a shitload of annoying 'time to wake that guy from Green Day up' memes (with frontman Billie Joe Armstrong responding to the comments in a 2016 interview with Vulture: "Have fun, get a life at the same time…"), it does generate one positive at the very least: more cash.

In figures provided by YouTube, Wake Me Up When September Ends' hits more than doubled this year: views went from around 50,000 each day to to 101,313 on September 1, 103,669 on September 30 and 107,058 on October 1.

Check out their stats below:

More hits = more money, with Global Music Head at YouTube Lyor Cohen revealing last year that the company pay about $0.003 per stream in royalties. That means Green Day are making a decent amount (like, hundreds of dollars) on those dates in September and October. Not too shabby.

Let's give it some extra views now, because what a song/video:

Once you're done watching that, might as well stick the whole of American Idiot on, eh?

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