Weezer release new SZNZ: Autumn EP

Listen to Weezer's new Autumn EP from their SZNZ collection – and watch them live on Jimmy Kimmel

Weezer release new SZNZ: Autumn EP
Luke Morton

The third instalment of Weezer's seasonal SZNZ EP series has arrived in the form of – you guessed it – Autumn.

Arriving in time for the autumnal equinox tomorrow (the designated date for summer ending, boo), Weezer's new EP is a collection of seven tracks, that really leans into the band's love of a dancefloor filler.

Last night, Weezer kicked off their new season with a performance of lead single What Happens After You on Jimmy Kimmel. Check it out below.

Or listen to the EP in its entirety on Spotify.

This summer, Weezer were inducted into the Hall Of Fame at the 2022 Kerrang! Awards. Speaking backstage after his acceptance speech, guitarist Brian Bell said: “I wasn’t lying when I said onstage that I read Kerrang! as a kid... Back then, there was no internet, so you really had to search for things. You’d get Kerrang! to see those rare photos of Metallica, Iron Maiden or Slayer, read about other acts, and find out about what was going on in music globally.

"What’s been really cool about today has been feeling that same sensation of finding out about new music that I hadn’t been aware of before, from the artists who won the breakthrough awards to guys like Deaf Havana who presented our award. Plus, I really want to check out that band called Pupil Slicer! Keep searching out new music. Start your own bands. Never give up the dream.”

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