Watch the video for Stand Atlantic’s new single hair out

Vocalist Bonnie Fraser reached “a ‘table flip’ attitude” when creating Stand Atlantic’s new single hair out…

Watch the video for Stand Atlantic’s new single hair out
Emily Carter

Stand Atlantic have unleashed a brand-new single and video, hair out.

Taken from upcoming album F.E.A.R. (due out on May 6 via Hopeless), the band's latest track explores the online world and how, "The worst part about people on the internet is that you’re almost force-fed their opinion about you or what you do," according to vocalist Bonnie Fraser.

Bonnie adds that, during the pandemic especially, “I just got absolutely fed up with all of it and it brought me to a ‘table flip’ attitude where I just wanted to make something for myself.”

Speaking to Kerrang! recently about what to expect from F.E.A.R. as a whole, Bonnie shared: "There’s just a lot of frustration, angst and also a bit of hope on the record. Thematically, this record is basically a diary of everything I’ve been feeling these past two years. I can’t put it any simpler. I’m not gonna pretend it’s this amazing piece of art I’ve worked so hard for, it’s literally like, ‘Dude, I felt like absolute shit and this is what you get!’ (Laughs) I'm over it. I hate that whole Hollywood bullshit thing [people in the industry portray], it’s like, ‘This is my life, have it. And I hope you like it.’ I’m not this larger-than-life amazing person. I’m literally just a regular person who writes songs ’cause they feel like shit, and I don’t wanna sugarcoat that, I just wanna be real.”

Watch the video for hair out below:

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