Watch The Dirty Nil's Brilliant New Concert Film, Live At The Opera House

Exclusive: Watch a broadcast of The Dirty Nil's "magical" Opera House show – and hear a teaser of the band's upcoming single, Done With Drugs.

Watch The Dirty Nil's Brilliant New Concert Film, Live At The Opera House

Following two 24-hour-only premieres on Facebook and YouTube over the weekend, Kerrang! are excited to broadcast the wonderful new concert film from The Dirty Nil, Live At The Opera House.

The show took place in Toronto as the Canadian punks kicked off the cycle for 2018's Master Volume album, with frontman Luke Bentham telling Kerrang! that it was "the most magical night in our band's existence thus far".

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"Was the Master Volume tour insane?" he says. "Yes. Were we feeling like death heading into that night? Yes. Did any of that matter the second we hit the stage? Hell no. Raging instruments, flailing vocals and an oversold crowd came together in a cacophony of ragged glory. Give it a watch, ’cause who fucking needs another acoustic living room concert? Much luv to all and hail rock’n’roll."

As well as launching The Dirty Nil: Live At The Opera House, over the weekend the band unveiled an online raffle featuring one-of-a-kind items. With all proceeds going towards Black Lives Matter and some amazing merch available, be sure to get involved over at

Watch The Dirty Nil: Live At The Opera House below:

The full setlist on the night was:

1. That's What Heaven Feels Like
2. Bathed In Light
3. Pain Of Infinity
4. Cinnamon
5. No Weaknesses
6. Zombie Eyed
7. Nicotine
8. Always High
9. Fuckin' Up Young
10. Auf Wiedersehen
11. Smoking Is Magic
12. Friends In The Sky
13. I Don't Want That Phone Call
14. Know Your Rodent
15. Please, Please Me
16. September Gurls (Big Star cover)
17. Super 8
18. Wrestle Yü to Hüsker Dü
19. Evil Side


20. Little Metal Baby Fist
21. Surrender (Cheap Trick cover)
22. Hit The Lights (Metallica cover)

Aaaaand if that's not enough Dirty Nil for you, watch the teaser for the band's new single, Done With Drugs, due out on June 17. It already sounds like it's gonna be another banger…

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