Watch Mimi Barks’ snake-tastic new video for 10.steps.back

Mimi Barks’ new video for 10.steps.back (taken from her 2022 DEADGIRL mixtape) is not one for ophidiophobes…

Watch Mimi Barks’ snake-tastic new video for 10.steps.back
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German doom-trap trailblazer Mimi Barks has shared another video from her 5/5-rated DEADGIRL mixtape, for the seething 10.steps.back. In keeping with the song's lyrics 'Watch them from a distance and keep the distance / Fighting snakes with snakes' the clip finds her surrounded by snakes, shot at the same time as the photos for her debut Kerrang! cover in December.

The track forms part of DEADGIRL's arc of sinking to the bottom, and from there being cleansed and reborn as the person you want to be.

“The whole album is a full cycle around the idea of the DEADGIRL,” Mimi explained to us on the album's release. “The first songs are heavier, more aggressive, and kind of filled with delusional aloofness and narcissism, to self-hatred, or hate for the world, but also chaos in my brain. Throughout the album, I’m going through the process of self-growth through spirituality.

“That whole era of suffering and self-destruction is kind of concluded by reconnecting to my higher self and being content with what I do, and learning to self-love. [The song] SUICIDE is the suicide of my younger self. That leads to the awakening. That is what the whole album is about, to go through the darkness and come out of the other end of it, towards light.”

“It’s literally a journey from self-hating to self-healing.”

Check it out below:

Mimi hits the road for a short tour this month, before gearing up for festivals in the summer. Catch her at...


16 London Black Heart
17 Haarlem Patronaat
19 Berlin Kantine Am Berghain
20 Cologne MTC

8 Download Festival
17 Graspop Festival
23-25 Full Force Festival


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