Watch Mimi Barks’ creepy, lo-fi video for SAW

Mimi Barks gets dark in her “raw, industrial and dirty” video for SAW.

Watch Mimi Barks’ creepy, lo-fi video for SAW
Nick Ruskell

Mimi Barks has released another new video from her 5/5-rated DEADGIRL mixtape, this time for the furious SAW. After the high production values of her last clip, for ASHES, in which the German doom-trap queen and K! Disruptor Award winner is burned at the stake as a witch, here she's taken a more raw, minimal, lo-fi approach. It's no less eerie, though.

"SAW marks the resistance, rage, and anger I experienced while seeking my identity and self-worth on an emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental level,” she says of the track.

“Working independently on set with a micro team – just me, my videographer and his camera – it takes me back to my roots. No crew, no lights, and no screenplay. It’s raw, industrial and dirty, with the walls of the derelict buildings reflecting the wrath and backlash of my internal war.”

Talking to Kerrang! last year for her first cover, Mimi explained how that theme of rediscovering herself flows through all of DEADGIRL, from self-hatred to death to a rebirth.

“The theme of the whole mixtape is me. It’s the rebirth of a broken child – a dead girl,” she said. “It’s me being reborn as a leader, as my own God, and going through the process of awakening.

“I went through this whole cycle of writing the album, of hating, self-growth, re-awakening, revenge. Me coming out of this whole mind-fuck is my revenge towards everyone that fucked me up in the past and led me to write this album.”

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