Watch: BMTH perform Diamonds Aren’t Forever with Bryan Garris

Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris joined Bring Me The Horizon onstage in LA to tear through Diamonds Aren’t Forever.

Watch: BMTH perform Diamonds Aren’t Forever with Bryan Garris
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As Bring Me The Horizon to dominate overseas on their Post Human U.S. tour, the band invited support band Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris out onstage last night (October 6) for an extra-special Los Angeles treat.

At the Kia Forum in Inglewood, Knocked Loose’s formidable vocalist joined the headliners during their set for a very special throwback: Diamonds Aren’t Forever, from 2008’s Suicide Season album. Roaring along to those iconic scene lyrics, ‘We will never sleep, ’cause sleep is for the weak / And we will never rest, ’til we’re all fucking dead,’ Bryan smashed it out of the park so much that he started trending on Twitter after his performance.

Check out some fan-shot footage below, as well as a bunch of (very excited) responses from the lucky fans who were there…

See the full BMTH LA setlist:

1. Can You Feel My Heart
2. Happy Song
3. Teardrops
5. Dear Diary (with extended outro)
6. Parasite Eve
7. sTraNgeRs
8. Shadow Moses
9. Kingslayer
10. DiE4u
11. Diamonds Aren't Forever (with Bryan Garris)
12. Drown


13. Obey
14. Follow You (acoustic)
15. Throne

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