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4 TV series to watch while you wait for the new Wordle

From the next big Korean horror series to Philadelphia’s favourite drunks, here’s what you should be watching this week.

4 TV series to watch while you wait for the new Wordle
Kerrang! staff

Normally in Screen For Me, we bring you a selection of new TV series and movies to squish into your eye sockets over the weekend. But this week it's strictly TV and, not intentionally, it's all on Netflix. So well done you, Netflix, for being so absolutely massive that you can give us four great series in one weekend.

From a zombie apocalypse to a drunken murder mystery, here are many, many hours of television to absorb right now.

Snowpiercer: Season 3

If you’ve ever felt like your life is one big train, going round in circles, with nothing ever changing outside your window… that’s literally the Snowpiercer experience, albeit with more tyranny, conspiracy and people having their arms frozen off. Following the events of season two, we find Layton (played by the exceptional Daveed Diggs, who you’ll know from Hamilton) and his crew in search of warmer climbs in the frozen tundra, while Wilford (Sean Bean in peak I’m A Massive Dickhead mode) seeks to maintain control on the titular locomotive while waiting to kick Layton’s head in.

Out now on Netflix.

All Of Us Are Dead

This looks awesome. Following the runaway success of Squid Game, many shows have been touted as The Next One To Watch, but All Of Us Are Dead seems to have established the right mix of gore, intensity and camaraderie. After a virus takes over a high school, turning the students into a horde of bloodthirsty maniacs with contorting limbs and lots of screaming to camera, the zombie apocalypse breaks out into the real world. There’s violence, bloodshed and an underlying coming-of-age story for the few students who first made it out alive. Aww.

Out now on Netflix.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Season 15

If you’re not already a fan of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, then we must assume that you’ve just not seen it yet. The 15th season – more than any other American live-action comedy – premiered in The States in December but is now coming to Netflix in the UK, and sees the gang return to prove yet again that they’re the worst people alive. In the latest season we find Charlie, Dennis, Mac, Dee and Frank buying a roller rink, making their own Lethal Weapon sequel and finally making their way to Ireland. It’s going to be horrendous in the best way.

On Netflix from February 1.

The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window

With a title like that, you’d have to assume that The Woman In The House… is some kind of spoof, and you’d be half-right. While not as gag-heavy as A Touch Of Cloth or Naked Gun, this new dark comedy/psychological drama hybrid looks set to point the finger at the glut of suburban murder mysteries currently on our screens. Unsure if she actually witnessed a murder (thanks to a love of booze and pills), Anna goes on a mission to find out the truth with a glass of red in hand and a knowing glance to camera.

On Netflix now.

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