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5 TV series and movies to watch while wondering how the hell we’re a third of the way through 2022

From the Watergate scandal to potty-mouthed boxers, here's what you should be watching this weekend...

5 TV series and movies to watch while wondering how the hell we’re a third of the way through 2022
Kerrang! staff

Where did those four months go? What’s going on? Time, when did you get like this? Where are you going? Come back, you swine. The year is 33.3 per cent gone – have 33.3 per cent of 2022’s dreams come true, goals been attained, and good times been had? If not, the next 66.6 per cent – which, let’s face it, is a lot cooler sounding – needs to pull its finger out. But, you know, there’s also always the telly.

All 4Chivalry

Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani face the era of #MeToo in this hilarious, thought-provoking, often cringe-inducing show, all six episodes of which are on All4. The series grew out of the co-stars’ (and co-writers’) real-life arguments and speculations on a movie set, about what the future held for sexual politics, the entertainment industry and life in general. Coogan – as Partridge-like as ever – plays a movie producer rushing to get caught up with a changing world, while Solemani is an indie director unwilling to take any of his shit. Endless killer cameos, truly savage jokes and that rarest of things, nuance. Incredible stuff.

Available now on All 4

In cinemasFather Stu

Mark Wahlberg stars as the real-life Father Stuart Long, a foul-mouthed boxer who became a priest after a near-death experience. It’s a labour of love for Wahlberg, who spent years bringing the film to screen after the real Long died from a wasting disease in 2014. While this means it is tailored to people who fall into Marky Mark's section of the ‘sweary brawler’ / ‘devout Catholic’ Venn diagram, it’s still a stirring, sincere tale of redemption.

In cinemas now

NetflixOzark: Season 4, Part 2

The final seven episodes of the final season of the pitch-black drama are dropping on Netflix in one solid batch (and the whole lot is up there for newcomers, and well worth it). Will all the mysteries end up solved, all the dangling questions be answered? Will we get to know the circumstances surrounding that car crash? Will Jason Bateman and Laura Linney finally find themselves in too far over their heads, unable to get away with it this time? And how's this whole Javi situation going to be resolved? Only one way to find out!

Available on Netflix from April 29

Apple TV+Shining Girls

Based on the bestselling novel by Lauren Beukes – a jet-black metaphysical time-warping tale of terror – this eight-part series stars Elizabeth Moss, Wagner Moura and Jamie Bell. A newspaper archivist (Moss) living in the aftermath of a horrifying attack finds the reality around her shifting and unstable, all while confronting the questions of what is real, what exactly happened to her, and how (or when) her attacker can be stopped.

Available on Apple TV+ from April 29


The show Dan Stevens was promoting when he made his ballsy-but-slightly-crap One Show gag, Gaslit is an all-star retelling of the Watergate scandal. Revisit a time when the idea of politicians being lying bastards was somehow shocking, with Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Shea Whigham and Betty Gilpin. Big-ass moustaches, fast politics-talk and satisfyingly crude one-liners (“You’re gonna have to get your dick out of the butter churn on this one”) ensue.

Available now on StarzPlay

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