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5 TV series and movies to watch after burning yourself on a cheap, flimsy barbecue

From Marvel multiverse meddlers to spinoff secret societies, here’s what you should be watching this weekend…

5 TV series and movies to watch after burning yourself on a cheap, flimsy barbecue
Kerrang! staff

There’s a lot going on at the moment, but at least it’s sunny. Get that grill fired up and loaded. Might you regret going for the model that was a few quid less than the others, but feels like it might disintegrate under the weight of two corns on the cob? Yes. Might you regret throwing food straight onto it out of the freezer instead of doing any preparation whatsoever? Yes. Might you regret multiple decisions as you smell your own fingers cooking, the wobbly lid having come crashing down on them? Oh, entirely. But here’s some stuff to watch while thinking about what you’ve done.

In cinemasDoctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Benedict Cumberbatch’s curiously-accented sorcerer/surgeon/superhero returns to glide elegantly through surreal alternative worlds while battling various massive ancient dark forces. Director Sam Raimi, of Evil Dead fame, makes his MCU debut by bringing all the visual flourishes he’s rightly famed for, while still clearly making Chapter 28 or so of a bigger ongoing story. Filled with both new and familiar faces – if you’ve not got round to watching WandaVision yet, do so before watching this – and some cheerfully silly alterna-worlds, it’s a big old laugh for everyone.

It’s also the only two-Benedict movie currently out, thanks to Benedict Wong as Wong, leading to some really confusing write-ups where it says “along with Wong (Wong)”, which is just kind of fun. Right? It’s fun!

In cinemas now

NetflixThe Pentaverate

Wayne’s World and Austin Powers legend Mike Myers returns to screens for his first starring role in anything since 2008’s The Love Guru – which was very, very bad – to play eight different characters, all of whom look quite a lot like Mike Myers. Spun from an off-hand gag in his 1993 movie So I Married An Axe Murderer, The Pentaverate follows a journalist looking to uncover a centuries-old conspiracy in which five men control the entire world. While it’s always nice seeing Mike Myers, and he’s putting his all into it, it’s safe to say The Pentaverate will not unseat Wayne’s World and Austin Powers as the things he’s known for.

Available now on Netflix

All 4The Man With A Penis On His Arm

While this sounds like it could be a silly joke in, well, The Love Guru, it’s actually an excellently-made, oddly moving documentary. Malcolm, the titular man, lost his penis after an abscess-draining mishap, and spent six years growing one on his arm to be transplanted into place. There’s a lot going on, both tragic – Malcolm’s addiction issues – and hilarious, as in his deadpan admission that a penis sticking out of his arm can make it hard to reach the back hob. Will he end up happily bewillied? Ah, the magic of medicine.

Available now on All 4

Prime VideoUndone: Season Two

Undone is a big sell – a rotoscoped sci-fi tragedy-comedy-drama about time-travel and trauma, brought to life by Bojack Horseman veterans Kate Purdy and Raphael Bob-Waksberg. The first season followed Alma (Rosa Salazar) investigating her father’s death using time travel in a way that might have been real, and might have been a symptom of mental illness. This new second one brings her dad back, in the form of the great Bob Odenkirk, as she sets about unravelling the mysteries surrounding her mother. Beautifully made, incredibly moving and completely unique.

Available now on Prime Video

Apple TV+The Big Conn

The true story of Eric C. Conn, who – in a prime example of nominative determinism – defrauded the American taxpayer out of half a billion dollars. How did a popular Appalachian lawyer go from cheesy small-town fixture to running a Halloween-themed brothel, partying with porn stars and going on the run in South America? How many people were in on it, whether knowingly or inadvertently, and why were there no measures in place making it more difficult for him? A fascinating, if too long, look at someone who can only really be described as “a real piece of shit”.

Available now on Apple TV+

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