Tomorrow: Watch Sharptooth Demolish A Tiny Brooklyn Dive Bar

No-nonsense hardcore crew Sharptooth bring a three-dimensional melee to Brooklyn in the latest K! Pit.

Tomorrow: Watch Sharptooth Demolish A Tiny Brooklyn Dive Bar
Stephanie Augello

Our recent K! Pit with noise rock act Daughters was full of so much blood and audience participation that we had assumed we had plateaued in terms of raw, bloody chaos being brought the crowd. But then Baltimore hardcore up-and-comers Sharptooth took the stage at our favorite Brooklyn dive bar The Gutter and taught us new definitions of energy, enthusiasm, and pure sonic punishment. Full of busted noses, calling out society's bullshit, and T. Rex-sized riffs exuding pure revolutionary violence, the show was an unpredictable free-for-all that'll have you desperately trying not to kick over every standing structure in your room.

Want to see for yourself? We’ll be streaming the show on our Facebook page tomorrow at 7:30pm GMT, 2:30pm EST, and 11:30am PST. Can’t watch it then? Stay tuned for a link to the YouTube video once it’s over.

Don't believe us? Take a look at some shots from the show:

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