Thou to preview their entire upcoming album via Silenus video game demo

You can hear all 10 tracks from Thou’s new record this Sunday on Twitch, ahead of its full release at the end of the month.

Thou to preview their entire upcoming album via Silenus video game demo
Emily Carter
Liam Neighbors

Thou have revealed that they’ll be previewing all of their new album Umbilical via a video game demo stream on Twitch this Sunday.

The band’s upcoming record can be heard on the Silenus demo stream over on Leigh Aucoin’s @roaringblood, where Leigh will ‘collect’ all 10 tracks live from 1pm CST / 7pm BST.

Then, the full album will be out for the rest of the world on May 31 via Sacred Bones (the Silenus game, meanwhile, is released the day after the Twitch stream, on Monday, May 20).

Speaking about Umbilical, Thou say that it’s “for the radicals, the crackpots, the exiles who have escaped the wasteland of capitulation. This record is for the militants and zealots refusing to surrender to comforts, to practicalities, to thirty pieces of silver. And this record is most especially for the weaklings and malingerers, burdened by capricious indulgence, hunched by the deep wounds of compromise, shuffling in limp approximation, desperately reaching back towards integrity and conviction.”

Check out the full Umbilical tracklist:

1. Narcissist's Prayer
2. Emotional Terrorist
3. Lonely Vigil
4. House of Ideas
5. I Feel Nothing When You Cry
6. Unbidden Guest
7. I Return as Chained and Bound to You
8. The Promise
9. Panic Stricken, I Flee
10. Siege Perilous

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