The Armed drop new single Sport Of Form from upcoming album Perfect Saviours

Watch the video for The Armed’s new single Sport Of Form featuring Julien Baker, and get the lowdown on the experimentalist’s highly-anticipated follow-up to ULTRAPOP.

The Armed drop new single Sport Of Form from upcoming album Perfect Saviours
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The Armed are back! Following 2021’s brilliant ULTRAPOP, the Detroit experimental pop crew have announced their next record, Perfect Saviours.

Due out on August 25, the LP represents the group’s “completely unironic, sincere effort to create the biggest, greatest rock album of the 21st century”, with vocalist Tony Wolski explaining: “Too much information has made us dumb and confused. Too many ways to connect have inadvertently led to isolation. And too much expectation has forced everyone to become a celebrity. Predictable primal dangers have given way to newer social ones. And the result is a world that is confounding and terrifying – but ultimately still beautiful. We hope this record is exactly all of that, too.”

As well as having typically grand ambitions, The Armed’s new album features contributions from the likes of Sarah Tudzin, Mark Guiliana, Patrick Shiroishi, Justin Meldal-Johnsen and Julien Baker – with the latter guesting on just-released single Sport Of Form.

Tony says of the song: “There are two types of sport: those of measure and those of form. A sport of measure like basketball, football, or soccer has a point system and a sort of binary path to victory. A sport of form is something like diving, figure skating, or bodybuilding – something with evolving standards and a layer of subjectivity and some sort of critical component.

“The world that surrounds us is complex, and our lives are truly more akin to a sport of form than one of measure. Yet, so many people see it as exactly the opposite.

“Lyrically, this song is about the human need to win a game that we’re not even actually playing. Sonically, it is a reflection of that cognitive dissonance through a constant whiplash between beauty and ugliness, severity and tenderness, obscenity and grace.”

Watch the video for Sport Of Form below:

See the full Perfect Saviors tracklist:

1. Sport Of Measure
2. FKA World
3. Clone
4. Modern Vanity
5. Everything’s Glitter
6. Burned Mind
7. Sport Of Form
8. Patient Mind
9. Vatican Under Construction
10. Liar 2
11. In Heaven
12. Public Grieving

And the album cover:

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