State Champs Are Doing A Virtual Fitness Class

Step aside, Joe Wicks – we’re getting pop-punk bods in lockdown with State Champs...

State Champs Are Doing A Virtual Fitness Class
Nick Ruskell

Fitness coach Joe Wicks thought he had this repeat work in the bag. Being as sharp a political brain as he is a finely-sculpted body with a dreamboat face at the top of it, when Lockdown 1 ended, he knew it was only a matter of time before a sequel happened, and then he’d make a heroic re-entrance, shorts flapping in the wind, as he got the nation fit from the comfort of their living rooms for a second time. Looks over at Rosie Jones, wink, cheeky grin, Office reference, national hero status reheated. Lovely stuff.

But FUCKIN’ SIKE, JOE WICKS – you forgot one thing: pop-punk. And now there’s a Joe Biden-esque rival, isn’t there? State Champs have teamed up with Cardio Sport for a home workout of their own. On November 20, you’ll be able to join the band on Veeps for a sweaty time, before sticking around for locker-room banter with band after. Or just a normal Q&A. Whatever, you’ll still be giving each other a virtual high-five.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Cardio Sport because we needed someone to step up and whip us into shape,” says guitarist Tyler Szalkowski.

“We are excited to kick off our Featured Artist Workout Event Series with the guys from State Champs!” adds Cardio Sport’s Hilary Hartman. “It is an exciting experience to be able to collaborate with the bands directly to bring improved wellness to them and their fans in a fun way, at a time when people need community, laughs and improved health more than ever.

"Working out for 30 minutes a day is directly connected to improved physical, mental and emotional health and moving to the songs you love, makes it fun, not a chore.”

Not only that, but $1 from each $11 ticket sold (available here) goes to the Young Center For Immigrant Children’s Rights, an organisation “fighting for unaccompanied and separated children facing deportation”. So you’ll get fit and help a noble cause as well.

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