Now Hear This: Sophie K on the best nu-metal, emo and alt.rock

Kerrang! Radio host Sophie K brings you the new bands you need to check out now, including Realms, Fused By Defiance and Cherym...

Now Hear This: Sophie K on the best nu-metal, emo and alt.rock
Sophie K

Do you think if I pretend Slipknot are a new band anyone will notice? Because I could write this whole piece on their new track that was inspired by the Yorkshire Ripper, Chapeltown Rag. Have you heard it yet? It's so good! Delivering Eyeless vibes, it takes me back. I immediately bought all the merch before it all sold out because hipsters are still buying Slipknot merch like mad. But I won’t open that can of maggots right now – let's talk new bands...


Realms describe themselves as “post-hardcore for people who never grew out of their emo phase”. That sold me right away. I feel like the pandemic has been a terrible time for music, but also good because we have all had to focus on homegrown talent – and this quintet hail from my neck of the woods, Yorkshire! This band has exactly what I look for when I'm hunting out new bands. They have a great sound but they are also putting work in and actively touring and building a dedicated fan base on socials. Their most recent song Partiel Piety is epic and emotional, taking you on an aural rollercoaster journey.

Fused By Defiance

Nu-metal is alive and well in this one. A band that is likely to go down a treat at a festival like Download, Los Angeles based metal band Fused By Defiance have a message to spread which in my opinion always adds depth to their songs. This track, Cancel Culture, is all about the power of social media, and how it can do the job of the courts in a limited amount of characters online, at record speed but with the boundaries of a vigilante with no moral code or restraint. The track is a reminder of human fallibility and a need to see the grey in situations.


This band keep surprising me. They formed quite a while ago but I feel now is their time to shine, and you may have seen coverage, including in the big K!, this year. What I love about them is that everyone will have a different genre for them, because the fact is they are challenging what black metal is and can be. There's been a few bands fusing black metal with shoegaze over the past few years but I feel like MØL have struck gold. Their new album Diorama is a must listen, and I get the feeling this band is all about the live show.


While touring has been just a distant memory, it really showed up the bands that were willing to put in the hard graft no matter what, and keep growing and evolving, ready for normality to take over again. This band is absolutely phenomenal. PHENOMENAL. They incorporate a real range of influences in their sound. I'm sure I heard a nod to early '00s hip-hop (Mystikal) in their track Exist Warp Brakes (which I love), and then I feel like it seamlessly morphed into what could be Dance Gavin Dance. This band are at a really early stage but I am absolutely blown away by them.


Northern Irish trio Cherym have been building hype with their animated and colourful riot grrrl DIY form of pop-punk recently. My favourite track of theirs would have to be We’re Just Friends. It would easily make a radio single and the guitars sound so rich in the mix. They are one to watch.

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