Now Hear This: Sophie K On The Best New Rap-Metal, Canadian Rock'N'Roll Cool And Blue-Collar Scottish Punk

Kerrang! Radio host Sophie K brings you the new bands you need to check out now: from Cold Years to Oxymorrons to OBGMs

Now Hear This: Sophie K On The Best New Rap-Metal, Canadian Rock'N'Roll Cool And Blue-Collar Scottish Punk
Sophie K

Alright! I know it’s been a while, but Kerrang! Now Hear This new music spotlight is back! I’m so full of music I wanted to talk to you about that it was pretty hard to whittle it down. A lot of the music I’ve been listening to at the moment is inspired by BLM playlists. In 2020 as we move forward I can’t wait to see more diversity in rock, the best part was people started sharing more bands and artists from their home towns and – wow! – there's so much talent out there, it makes me excited for what the future holds...


The rap/rock crossover has been a thing for a long time. But whereas before it was largely rock bands paying homage to their love of hip-hop (creating nu-metal along the way), Oxymorrons are a talented rock band who are able to properly rap with authenticity as well, seamlessly switching between clean vocals, electronics, fuzzy guitars and angsty rap vocals. Signed by Jason Aalon Butler to his label 333 Wreckords Crew, it’s clear that this band are something special. I predict that heavy music is heading back into the mainstream, and it will be led by bands like Oxymorrons who are creating a new sound and evolving the boundaries.


The OBGMs just ooze cool. They have an indie punk-sound which is taking over in 2020, and they say that their "sole purpose is to melt faces on the dancefloor”, which is very fitting. They are a band who have extremely diverse tastes in music, and this comes through in the uniqueness of their writing. With many new bands I hear potential, but with these guys they are there, they are ready.

Cold Years

I know this band have been in Kerrang! before, but they deserve another mention as their debut album Paradise has just come out and it's killer. They write catchy hooks without being cheesy, and you can clearly hear influences such as The Gaslight Anthem in there. You may have noticed that all the bands I have mentioned have something to say in their music, that’s what I get excited about in rock, and Cold Years tackle their view of post-Brexit Britain. They're a definite must listen, and go see them live when gigs come back again.


It appears Canada really have something in the water, and here we have another offering from Sate, who just oozes rock'n'roll attitude. Everything from the distorted guitars to the attitude laden vocals gives it a deep authenticity. It’s empowering and lyrically challenging, and it's the kind of music you imagine listening to with a bottle of Jack and a cigarette (and I don’t even drink or smoke). The huge choruses sound ready to be played to big crowds, and Sate was born to be on the stage.

Nikki Hill

Nikki Hill brings back blues-rock with youth and flare. There is a shyness to her which doesn’t match her vocal ability and stage presence, but don’t get it twisted, it's clear that Nikki is not new to being on stage – she has a quiet command which doesn’t need big theatrics. When I went out to Chicago, this is the kind of music I expected to stumble upon in every bar: gospel roots, rock attitude and a weeping blues guitar.

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