Mike Shinoda unveils new hairstyle along with “new era”

Mike Shinoda’s got a new buzzcut with four lines shaved in… and not only does it look rad, but it means that his new era is officially here!

Mike Shinoda unveils new hairstyle along with “new era”
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Following last week’s intriguing video that featured Mike Shinoda shaving his head and the caption “soon”, the Linkin Park legend has now officially confirmed he’s kicking off a whole new era.

Mike has taken to social media to share a photo of the finished results from this head-shaving session, essentially confirming that this’ll be his look for whatever comes next. And what a striking look it is: he now has a very snazzy buzzcut, with four straight lines shaved in.

Over on Instagram, grandson got excited by replying to the post, “Let’s go,” while MOTHICA echoed the rest of our thoughts and simply commented, “WHOA.” On Twitter (sorry, X), meanwhile, lots of fans replied and compared the vibe to Wolverine, and @EmzMc123 pointed out that Mike had a shaved head during Hybrid Theory, Fort Minor and Minutes To Midnight, and therefore, “I’m banking on a new rap album?!” Interesting observation!

Check out the new photo below:

A few months back, while celebrating the 20th anniversary of Meteora and how he can release his own stuff as well as Linkin Park material, Mike enthused in an interview with Kerrang!: “This is such a great moment in time. We can juxtapose the early days and something brand new.”

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