Måneskin: “We’re just having fun, and things are getting even better”

As Måneskin tell Kerrang!, they’re not putting pressure on themselves to build on their success in the future – all they’re bothered about is enjoying where they’re at right now…

Måneskin: “We’re just having fun, and things are getting even better”
Emily Carter
Fabio Germinario

In case you missed it, we’re delighted to welcome the amazing Måneskin to the cover of our printed autumn issue of Kerrang!, in which we hung out with the band backstage at Chicago’s Lollapalooza to see just how huge things have gotten for them since winning last year’s Eurovision.

And, while the Italian rock’n’rollers are very much enjoying and making the most of the ride, they’ve also seemingly got success pretty well figured out, taking a pragmatic approach to the exciting and glamorous lifestyle they’re now living.

“We always thought we could actually make it,” reflects an assured (but not arrogant) Damiano David. “Everything that is happening now makes us super happy and super proud, but we’re also not starstruck by it, because we fucking worked our asses off to get here. We deserve it and we know how to keep it and we know what we want to do. But we also know it’s not something that happens every day.

“We know that this is our train and we’ve been smart enough and lucky enough to jump on it, but since we’re already on it, we want to chill and enjoy the trip without thinking, ‘Where are we going to get to?’ he adds. “Because we don’t really give a shit. We’re just having fun, and things are getting even better.”

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