Machine Gun Kelly to release two new albums this year

We’re getting Born With Horns plus a whole other album from Machine Gun Kelly in 2022…

Machine Gun Kelly to release two new albums this year
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As well as guesting on Avril Lavigne's upcoming album and starring in the new Jackass movie, Machine Gun Kelly seemingly has big plans for his own material in 2022.

The musician had previously teased a "guitar-heavy" new album entitled Born With Horns (produced by Travis Barker and originally thought to be released on New Year's Eve 2021), and now it turns out there's also a whole other record to come on top of that.

"I know the rumor was i was dropping the album new year’s eve…" MGK tweeted. "see you in 2022." He also added: "two albums this year."

In October, Machine Gun Kelly told Variety that Born With Horns is more like "college", while its predecessor Tickets To My Downfall "was metaphorically high school".

"And I think like, in high school, you don’t really have a sense of responsibility, you have a fear of that responsibility, and so you want to explode and use all that energy for fucking off," he explained. "And then college comes, which is this album, and you are aware of the responsibility and you still know how to have fun, but you understand that there’s a certain duty you have to your life to do something with it.

"Born With Horns feels like it has an objective or a real lesson that you’re walking away with."

As for that second 2022 album, though? Well, given his penchant for switching genres, it could be on the cards that he might go back to his rap roots.

Speaking to Kerrang! in September 2020, he said of how he mixes things up: "I wanna start out by saying that I would like to normalise how we think about doing multiple types of music. I didn’t 'switch genres’; I’m versatile, and the wall isn’t boxed in.

"I would like to send good energy and appreciation to people doing things that go against what is an imaginary box that someone too scared to break out of puts around you. I would like to project creativity and love, rather than limitations. Limitations cause you to look at me with my pink nails and believe that this same hand won’t punch you in the face, right? Limitations would cause you to believe that, because I’ve put out four albums that are rap, I shouldn’t put out a fifth album that’s not rap.”

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