Linkin Park to release unheard One More Light-era track with Chester’s vocals

Hear a 30-second teaser of Linkin Park’s previously-unreleased song Friendly Fire, featuring Chester Bennington’s vocals.

Linkin Park to release unheard One More Light-era track with Chester’s vocals
Emily Carter
James Minchin

Linkin Park have announced that they will be releasing a previously unheard track called Friendly Fire.

The song features vocals from late frontman Chester Bennington, and was recorded for 2017 album One More Light – the band’s final full-length to date.

According to Genius, Friendly Fire was written by Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson and songwriter/producer Jon Green, and its epic, poppy chorus hears Chester singing, ‘We’re pulling apart for no reason / We’re pulling a trigger in the useless war / And if we come back and go into the black / What are we fighting for? / What are we fighting / It’s just friendly fire, fire, fire.’

Speaking to Kerrang! around the time of One More Light’s release, Mike reflected positively of the mixed reactions that the album was receiving. “I love the fact that you’ll find comments pretty regularly that say things like, ‘The heavy stuff is my thing, but I can get into this,’ or, ‘I’m going to skip this one,’” he said. “Both are fine with us.”

“I find it so cute that some of our fans still haven’t figured out what we’re about,” added Chester. “It doesn’t surprise me – I expected it as we do throw some pretty big curveballs.”

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