Jamie Lenman announces Iknowyouknowiknow EP, releases new single

Watch the video for Jamie Lenman’s new single Crazy Horse, taken from his upcoming EP Iknowyouknowiknow.

Jamie Lenman announces Iknowyouknowiknow EP, releases new single
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Jamie Lenman has announced details of upcoming EP Iknowyouknowiknow, and released new single Crazy Horse.

The musician’s new ‘companion release’ to fifth album The Atheist is due out in full on May 5 via Big Scary Monsters, with Jamie calling the collection “a funny little gang”.

“They’re all the odd ones out,” he says of the songs on Iknowyouknowiknow. “Crazy Horse and The Last Supper were recorded just after Shuffle, when I was casting around trying to find a new sound… then King Of Clubs and the pandemic sort of got in the way, but once that was over I went in and did Words Of Love. That was when it really came together, so we went in and did the rest – I Done Things I Ain’t Proud Of came about during the album sessions proper, and any one of those four could have gone on the main record.

“We made the acoustic version of This Town Will Never Let Us Go during the mixing stages, purely because there were a lot of textures – accordion, guitar solo – that were scrubbed from the original version that I wanted to hear in a softer setting, and I thought it would be nice to put it on the end of the EP as a little connective tissue to join it to the LP. Then finally, Run Right Home is a track I wrote for a local arts project right after all the other work was finished, but it’s so much of a piece with the others that I thought it belonged with them.

“So maybe the EP is a little less cohesive than the album, but I think it has its own identity, and I think it functions as a worthy companion in terms of style and certainly content. I love it!”

Watch the animated video for Crazy Horse below:

See the Iknowyouknowiknow EP tracklist:

1. Words Of Love
2. Crazy Horse
3. Run Right Home
4. The Last Supper
5. I Done Things I Ain't Proud Of
6. This Town Will Never Let Us Go (Acoustic Mix)

And the artwork:

Catch Jamie live on the road in April and May.

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