In Hearts Wake drop new single, announce sixth album Incarnation

Following Kyle Erich’s recent departure, the next era of In Hearts Wake is already here with a new single, Hollow Bone, that “became our reclamation anthem for the band to live on…”

In Hearts Wake drop new single, announce sixth album Incarnation
Emily Carter

In Hearts Wake have announced details of their sixth album Incarnation, and shared lead single Hollow Bone.

The news arrives only a couple of weeks after the departure of Kyle Erich – and this new track in particular is a “reclamation anthem for the band to live on”, according to a statement from the now-quartet.

“Since high school we’ve given everything and we weren’t about to give up. Not yet,” they say. “Picking up the microphone as a group, together we delivered a melodic chorus for the first time. We used actual bones as percussive instruments – symbolic of death’s transformation. This track acting as our stake in the ground. What would you die for?!”

Teasing what’s to come from Incarnation, meanwhile, vocalist Jake Taylor describes the record as “the shadow counterpart and sequel to the band’s debut album Divination, with each song inspired by the meaning and ideals of a particular Major Arcana Tarot card. There are 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards in every deck and 11 tracks on each record, bringing the vision to completion 12 years later.”

Watch the video for Hollow Bone below:

See the Incarnation tracklist:

1. Spitting Nails (ǝunʇɹoɟ ɟo lǝǝɥʍ)
2. Hollow Bone (plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ)
3. The Flood (ǝɔᴉʇsnɾ)
4. Orphan (lᴉʌǝp ǝɥʇ)
5. Gen Doom (ʇuɐɥdoɹǝᴉɥ ǝɥʇ)
6. Shishigami シシ神 (ssǝɹdɯǝ ǝɥʇ)
7. Tyrant (ɹoɹǝdɯǝ ǝɥʇ)
8. Feeding The Dead (ǝɔuɐɹǝdɯǝʇ)
9. Michigama (uɐᴉɔᴉƃɐɯ ǝɥʇ)
10. Shellshock (ssǝʇsǝᴉɹd ɥƃᴉɥ ǝɥʇ)
11. Transmission (uns ǝɥʇ)

And album cover:

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