Hear a new synthwave version of Avenged Sevenfold’s (O)rdinary

Originally taken from last year’s epic Life Is But A Dream…, Avenged Sevenfold have unveiled a brand-new synthwave version of (O)rdinary by All The Damn Vampires.

Hear a new synthwave version of Avenged Sevenfold’s (O)rdinary
Emily Carter
Brian Catelle

Avenged Sevenfold have officially given their seal of approval to a new synthwave edition of one of their Life Is But A Dream… tracks.

The Daft Punk-esque (O)rdinary has been given an update courtesy of All The Damn Vampires, and we have to say the whole thing works extremely well – so well done, all!

Of course, (O)rdinary is a part of one of the most experimental passages on Life Is But A Dream…, sandwiched in between the songs G and (D)eath. Speaking to Kerrang! last year, frontman M. Shadows said he found it “shocking” hearing that trio back after it was mixed, explaining: “I felt, for the first time, what someone might experience when they listen to it, and how it goes from progressive, Zappa-esque stuff to all of a sudden funk, Daft Punk to, like, Frank Sinatra and Wizard Of Oz. I was like, ‘Okay, this is fucking rad.’”

Check out (O)rdinary (Synthwave Edition) by All The Damn Vampires below:

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