Exclusive: Frail Body's New Video Celebrates The Frantic Beauty Of The Basement Show

You can almost smell the laundry room in Frail Body's new live compilation video.

Exclusive: Frail Body's New Video Celebrates The Frantic Beauty Of The Basement Show

You're only as strong as you believe yourself to be, which makes Frail Body a force to be reckoned with. The band play a mixture of blistering noise, scathing black metal, and beautiful post-rock whose outright racket will instantly blow away unadventurous listeners. At the same time, their ability to go hard in their sound while including moments of heartfelt atmosphere illustrates the Illinois trio's lack of pretension or need to wield extremity like a badge. The band's power comes from a self-assuredness that you can hear in their music from the moment they start playing.

The video for Frail Body's new track Fixed provides an interesting take on this. The footage is a stylized montage of shots from basement and house shows, showing off rough stucco walls, insulation, and Christmas light decor as the band plays. But the way Frail Body are shot, and the enthusiasm they show in their performances, make them feel as big as any arena rock act. There's an emotional familiarity with underground music, displaying how a band can feel huge and important even as they sing into crumpled mics in somebody's laundry room.

Describing the track, the band says, "Fixed is a song about disassociation, stress-induced out of body experience, and utilizing substance as an unhealthy coping mechanism to deal with the dissatisfaction of a fruitless, mundane existence. The video is a compilation of live footage shot across multiple tours through the Midwest, East Coast, and Canada during 2018 by Dave Cullen.

"This song is available on a 4-way split release with Massa Nera, Infant Island, and dianacrawls. Streaming, cassette, and vinyl record formats are available through Bandcamp."

Check out Fixed below:

Make sure to catch Frail Body at one of the following live dates below:

August 2019

Frail Body only:

9 - Milwaukee WI
10 - Chicago IL
11 - Indianapolis/Muncie IN
12 - Lansing MI

w/ Mareeé Noir

13 - Toronto
14 - MTL
15 - Boston MA
16 - Providance RI
17 - NYC
18 - Philly PA
19 - Richmond
20 - Charlotte NC
21 - Louisville KY
22 - Columbus OH
23 - Detroit MI

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