Enter Shikari Have Dropped A Brand-New Song, T.I.N.A

Listen to a new song from Enter Shikari's upcoming album, Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible.

Enter Shikari Have Dropped A Brand-New Song, T.I.N.A

As Enter Shikari gear up to release their new album Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible on April 17, the band have just unveiled the third song from the record.

The track – which goes by the name T.I.N.A – follows previous releases { The Dreamer's Hotel } and The King, and unsurprisingly sees the quartet taking their genre-defying, shape-shifting sound to more unexpected places.

And, says frontman Rou Reynolds, this is an occurrence throughout the record: “Possibility is the central theme of the album, lyrically, but it also is musically, too,” he tells Kerrang!. “We’ve pushed further and asked ourselves, ‘Where can we go? Let’s fucking go there!’ One track is a symphonic orchestral piece, but then there are other tracks that wouldn’t sound out of place on our first album, [2007’s] Take To The Skies. I think one thing about this album that’s slightly different is that we set out to make something that encapsulates everything that Shikari have done. This album is more broad, and there’s more confidence in the songwriting. Plus, I produced it, so it gave us more attention to detail. There are more hours that have been put into this album than any other – a lot more sweat, toil, and crippling indecision!”

Stream T.I.N.A below:

While we await the arrival of Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible, give one of our many Shikari live sets a watch if you're looking for something to do:

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